Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Three For All

R.I.P. Joe Schwarz

Amid all the hubbub regarding Lieberman and McKinney losing their primaries last night, not much is being made of the one primary loss by an incumbent that should make us sad: Joe Schwarz, moderate Michigan Republican Congressman. Schwarz, who I had the pleasure of meeting earlier this year, refused to repudiate his vote against the Federal Marriage Amendment, and his opponents tarred him as an abortionist doctor (this despite the fact that he's a head and neck surgeon). Endorsements from Bush, Cheney, and McCain were no match for the attacks against him by the Club for Growth and Michigan Right to Life.

And who will likely replace Schwarz in Congress? Tim Walberg, a fundamentalist preacher. A doctor and veteran who knew whereof he spoke on myriad issues will be replaced by a jackass. And do you see the media talking about this? Before you read this post, had you ever heard of Joe Schwarz, or Tim Walberg?

That's because it's big news when Democrats decide to nominate someone who actually stands for their ideals instead of a yes-man for Bush. But when Republicans show their true (and very ugly) colors? Been there, done that.


Rusty said...

How is the defeat of a moderate Democrat good when the defeat of a moderate Republican is horrible?

Both parties are running towards the fringe, and I don't see that as a winning strategy for either side of the aisle.

Richard said...

I should think it would be obvious, Rusty. The defeat of a "moderate Democrat"--and I don't think that's the right thing to call Joe Lieberman--is good because it presages a leftward move. The defeat of a moderate Republican in a district that leans Republican means we'll have one more right-wing nutjob in Congress. I'm sure you see things differently, but if your goal were a more socially liberal Congress that would vocally oppose Bush regarding his war, you'd probably view these electoral developments the way I do.

Rusty said...

I still don't see how having litmus tests driving national parties is good.

Congress is coming down to a proxy battlefield:
Right to Life vs NARAL
Coalition to Stop Gun Violence vs NRA
MoveOn vs Move America Forward

Most Americans agree with parts of rhetoric from both sides. However, as the extremes of each party take hold as the dominant voice, more and more people are left in the middle choosing the lesser of two evils.

There is no party of fiscal responsibility.
There is no party strong on national defense and social welfare.

Most importantly, there is no party for most of America.