Tuesday, December 06, 2005

'Tis the Season

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I bake many things, but only two typically inspire recipe requests. As I'm taking my chocolate chip butterscotch cookie recipe to the grave, I'll offer a link to this one, which I got from my best friend, the internet.

I should note that the dough for these cookies is just about the stickiest substance imagineable--good luck actually getting the cookies onto the baking sheet. Forget about the old two-spoons method; you'll be using your hands. Fortunately, the dough tastes great licked straight from your fingers--just be sure to wash your hands before you keep working.

Also, where the recipe calls for two tablespoons of white sugar (for rolling the dough in prior to baking), I substitute, oh, a healthy third of a cup split evenly between red and green sugar sprinkles and white sugar. This makes the cookies more festive for the holidays and a little bit sweeter, and they still stay incredibly soft for days and days.

Don't be surprised if you end up doubling the recipe the second time you make these--they're that good!


McKenzie said...

Wow, you sure are gay.

Richard said...

If these cookies are gay, well, then one bite will have you questioning your sexuality, my friend. Eat a whole cookie and Michele may as well pack up and move out--you and your gay dog will be on the prowl together!