Thursday, February 16, 2006

Going Dark-o

Pistons Trade Darko Milicic to Magic

I've been contemplating this for a while, and the opportunity to craft such a silly headline clinched it. As the Pistons end their two-years-and-several-months experiment with Darko, I am not ending my own two-years-and-several-months experiment with blogging. But I am taking a break.

See, I have a new, busier job, and it's crunch time. And I'm taking a class that's quite rigorous. And there's a situation at home that has distracted me quite a bit from both of those things. And really, what do I have to talk about? Dick Cheney? Gay cowboys? Spelling bees?

But fear not. I will return to this when I return from San Francisco the second week of March, at which point I plan to revel in Brokeback Mountain's Oscar glory. In the meantime, I'll try to keep the books and CDs up to date on the sidebar. I'm already behind: I just finished The Commitment last night (highly recommended!), and I've already bought the new Belle and Sebastian album, The Life Pursuit, but neglected to start a list of 2006 CDs. I'll try to rectify that tomorrow, when I'm home from work enjoying my employer's kindness in giving each of us a day off for our birthdays.

Enjoy the time off!


Zaki said...
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Zaki said...

Hey dude, I'm gonna be pissed if you leave SF without getting in touch with me. Just givin' ya fair warning!