Friday, February 03, 2006

Happy Ending

rod 2.0:beta: Gay Taye

If you saw Crumbs last night, you'll know that the title of today's post is a play on something William Devane said--but didn't do. It was a gay old sitcom night, with the still-closeted Mitch (Fred Savage) trying--and failing--to be honest with his family on Crumbs, three of the Four Kings suspecting one of their roommates to be gay (he turned out to be something far worse: a Republican), and a moment on Will & Grace that fans of the show have hoped would come for eight years.

That's right: It looks like Will has finally found someone, and that someone (James, played by Taye Diggs) seems to feel the same way about him. Next week's big wedding episode, which they've been trumpeting for a month without saying who would wed, will likely feature Grace marrying James so he can stay in the country (he's Canadian).

And if that weren't enough good news, Johnny finally died on The O.C. Many a cheer went up throughout the land as he dropped off a rock ledge, grasping a nearly-empty bottle of tequila and seething with anger that Marissa had chosen Ryan over him. Maybe now the show can get back on track...

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