Monday, March 20, 2006

Closing Time

The West Wing Episode Guide - The West Wing Season Episodes -

It's almost over. According to the schedule on the site linked above, there are only five more episodes of The West Wing left. Considering that there are only eight Sundays left until the May 14 finale, that makes sense.

We also know, based on this schedule, how the show will end. Next week's episode will see Toby pushed to reveal how he learned about the secret shuttle, based on the episode description released by NBC. The next two episodes will take place on Election Day. The following, and seemingly next-to-last, episode will be Leo's funeral. And then, presumably, it will be Inauguaration Day for whoever wins.

The show has definitely stepped up its game, although last night's plot about the secret checkbook and the missing briefcase and the potential illegitimate child was a bit predictable. Did we really think they'd give Santos a fatal flaw this close to the election? Or that Vinick would do anything but what he did, confronting Santos directly rather than running to the press?

I hope the show's writers remember that while this election plot has been interesting, the show is still most alive when they rely on the foundation the show built under Sorkin. The phone calls between Josh and Toby were probably the best thing about last night. All these new actors involved in the campaign are doing yeoman's work, yes, but there's a reason the show is coming to an end--they're a mere diversion from the show's main thrust.

Any thoughts on how the show will end? Will they return to the flash-forward we saw in the season premiere to let us know who won the election? And will there ever be any more resolution between Josh and Donna?


Zaki said...

For two weeks now I've set my timer to record the show, and for two weeks it's mysteriously not. I'm convinced that it's possessed by the devil. I really hope they don't go any further with the Josh-Donna thing, or find some way to keep them apart. The unrequited thing works so much better.

Richard said...

The hell you say! That's too bad about your recording woes, but come on! The show is ending--there's no more unrequited left for us to watch. Let them be happy!