Thursday, March 09, 2006

Fixated - The Brokeback Mountain Oscar Snub

You all thought I would drop this after the Oscars, didn't you? I would have, if the movie had won Best Picture.

I've been trying to explain why this loss was so disappointing, and part of the reason is explored in the article above. The Academy and its voters went out of their ways, seemingly, not to honor Brokeback. The movie won the top awards of the Writers, Directors, and Producers Guilds of America; no film so honored had EVER lost the Best Picture race. No wonder oddsmakers had it at 1-10 to win!

If Brokeback had lost to a movie that someone, anyone, was calling a better film--if it didn't have a metacritic score of 87, and didn't lose to a film with a score of 69--I might feel differently. But as it stands, I have a hard time believing that things have changed in Hollywood where, as the article points out, the Best Picture winner ten years ago (Braveheart) featured a gay man thrown from a window to his death--played for laughs. Ten years later, they've tossed a gay Best Picture frontrunner out the window. I'm not laughing.

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