Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Count the Votes

Inscribe Edie Falco's Emmy trophy now | Popwatch | Blog: Entertainment Weekly

EW says what I said during Sunday's episode of The Sopranos: This year's Best Actress in a Drama Emmy can perch itself on Edie Falco's mantle right now. I would love to see Frances Conroy walk away with the trophy for her all-over-the-emotional-map last episode of Six Feet Under, but let's face it: By the time they hand out the Emmys that series will have been dead for more than a year, and I'll be the only one who still remembers Ruth's fierce hug for Claire as she told her to go out into the world and have a life. Whereas Emmy voters will be anticipating the opportunity, come January, to find out what will become of Carmela's life...

Speaking of Emmys, Tom O'Neil says Boston Legal will compete as a comedy this year. Good luck beating Shatner in the Best Supporting Actor category! Without the cast of Everybody Loves Raymond hogging the trophy, he's a shoo-in for his portrayal of the hilarious Denny Crane. And someone else can take home a trophy in the drama supporting actor category, which Shatner won last year after nabbing the Guest Actor trophy the year before. Alan Alda or Jimmy Smits for West Wing, anyone? Ciaran Hinds for his gripping Caesar in Rome? Or will someone from the Sopranos crew assert himself this season, as Michael Imperioli's Chris-ta-fah did during season five?

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