Monday, June 25, 2007

Think of the Children

Scholars urge Bush to ban use of torture - Politics -

This story makes me smile:
President Bush was presented with a letter Monday signed by 50 high school seniors in the Presidential Scholars program urging a halt to "violations of the human rights" of terror suspects held by the United States.
Imagine that. In their moment of triumph--being honored for their achievements by the man who holds the office that makes him the most powerful person in the world--these students had the wherewithal--and the chutzpah!--to present him with a letter that contained these words:
We do not want America to represent torture. We urge you to do all in your power to stop violations of the human rights of detainees, to cease illegal renditions, and to apply the Geneva Convention to all detainees, including those designated enemy combatants.
America's adults appear not to care that Bush and Cheney have thrown our moral high ground out the window. Heartening to know at least a few of our children don't feel the same.

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Victoria said...

And in response, I'm sure those students were thrilled by the No Child Left Behind speech. :P

I know violations of human rights are still heavily debated & discussed within the international law circles (including and, so let's hope some of those adults can beat it through some thick skulls soon.