Thursday, June 14, 2007

Unique Combination

How Harry Potter really ends. - By Dan Kois - Slate Magazine

I've just searched my office in vain. In an office filled with both Sopranos fans and Harry Potter addicts, I appear to be the only person in the middle of the venn diagram--a devoted partisan of both. And so I share the above link with you, in hopes that someone else will understand just how insanely hilarious the proposed ending to the HP series--written to echo the abrupt conclusion of The Sopranos--is. I think it's the little details--the Yule Ball, the Pumpkin Pasties, the thin beard--that make this work. What do you think?


Victoria said...


That's awesome. Of course, if that were the ending, I'd probably be about as happy as I am that they messed up my HP birthday release. *pout*

Richard said...

To continue the theme of combining The Sopranos and Harry Potter, poor you! I'm happy that by the weekend the real crazies will already have seen the movie and the theater might actually be quiet for a change.

Victoria said...

It is poor me! :P I deserve at least one ounce of goodness in this summer from hell.