Monday, July 25, 2005


'It's blazing like a fire' as temps hit 102

Now that it's "cooling off" around Chicago--if you can call 89 degrees at 5:00 cooling off--I thought a bit of context for yesterday was necessary. I described the day as a blast furnace, and noted ruefully when I went to pick up our pizza--which we ordered to avoid using the oven or stove--that the shop, which contains hot ovens, was barely warmer than outside.

Turns out we weren't crazy to avoid going outside. Yesterday was only three degrees cooler than the all-time high temperature in Chicago, 105, and was one of the 12 hottest days since 1900. That's right--in 105 years, only 11 other days have been as hot, or hotter, than yesterday.

Here's hoping we don't add a 13th day to that list anytime soon.


Michele said...

Be glad you don't live in the desert. The temps in Vegas the week I was out there (July 12-16) were 112, 113, 115, etc. They were under a heat advisory as well. And though it is a different heat (no humidity), it's still HOT! When you'd walk outside, you could feel the heat from the sun blasting down on you, then add in the heat that radiates up from the pavement and it all adds up to HOT! We waited until evening to do most of our walking and sight-seeing--when it was only 95-100 degrees outside. :)

Jonathan said...

Yeah HI Richard. The Saint Louis lives for this heat!! We had a heat index the other day around 119! Awesome