Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Spiraling Shape

Tower would get city in touch with its feminine side

I have to admit, I think this new tower, proposed as the tallest in the world and a new center for the Chicago skyline, would be an interesting addition. Eric Zorn doesn't like that it's so thin--he seems to think that it looks like a big screw, hardly the right image for the "City of Big Shoulders"--but I think the Fordham Spire would add some visual intrigue to an already breathtaking skyline. If you follow the link up top and click on the photos link within the article, the second photo gives a good idea of what the skyline would look like with this new addition. Yes, it's a little scary at first--you might feel like aliens have invaded and put this strange, spiraling building into the familiar scene--but isn't it also kind of cool? And who wouldn't want to pay $5 million or so for a condo inside this big birthday candle?

OK, maybe it's too weird for Chicago. But I hope the architect pushes it forward, cuts back on the shininess of the structure, and finds a way to get the thing built at its current height and shape, or something close. It would be, without a doubt, the most visually striking aspect of our skyline for decades to come.

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