Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Expectations Set

Leahy: 'Activist' Nominee Won't Get Vote

If you were thinking the hearings for John Roberts would be informative, think again:
As a historical footnote, one memo was hard to beat — a one-page paper in which the young Roberts reported that beginning 'my first day on the job' he had been helping O'Connor prep for her own confirmation hearings to the high court.

'The approach was to avoid giving specific responses to any direct questions on legal issues likely to come before the court, but demonstrating in the response a firm command of the subject area and awareness of the relevant precedents and arguments,' Roberts wrote in the Sept. 17, 1981, memo.
Assuming he follows his own advice, I don't see how we'll have any idea how Roberts will deal with the thorny issues that come before the Supreme Court until next summer when the rulings start being handed down for the upcoming term. At least that's less of a wait than the next Harry Potter book!

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