Monday, August 29, 2005

Better Than The First

At long last, a new Amazon review...

If the up-and-down first SFU soundtrack left you hesitant to buy volume two, fear not: this well-chosen, well-ordered disc is superior to its predecessor in every way.

Beyond choosing a good slate of songs, the album's producers picked songs from memorable moments, making the disc ideal for both fans and non-fans of the show. "Lucky" will conjure images of the season four episode-ending fire that marked a turning point for the Fishers; "Transatlanticism" recalls the singalong with Claire and friends in the coach house; "Cold Wind," an excellent new Arcade Fire track, harkens back to the second-to-last episode and Brenda giving birth to Willa. Also present is the music from each of the most recent HBO promos, including "Breathe Me," which heralded the coming of season five and also provided a fitting conclusion to the series. Good luck forgetting the image of Claire roller-skating around a grocery store and tossing oranges during Nina Simone's "Feelin' Good," the song from the season four promo that opens this album.

One addition would have made this soundtrack perfect: the Pell Mell song, "Nothing Lies Still Long," that played every week during the "Previously on..." segment of the show. But there isn't a bad song here, and it flows wonderfully. If you're suffering Six Feet withdrawal, this disc is a must!

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