Thursday, August 11, 2005


'Sopranos' Adds Eight 'Bonus' Episodes

Can't really ask for better news than this, can you? According to HBO, there will be a run of 12 episodes starting in March. Then there will be a break until January 2007, then 8 more episodes--and the article states that "the premium cable channel avoided tagging the newly announced episodes as part of a seventh season and also declined to label them the final ones." How long can the series carry on? Only David Chase knows, but this will put him at 85.

This is starting to make the 63 episodes of Six Feet Under, and even the 83 episodes of Queer as Folk, look a little stingy. If a series with a star as expensive as James Gandolfini and a creator as fickle as Chase can carry on, why couldn't these others?

Still, this is fantastic news, even if it does mean we won't know Tony and Carmela's ultimate fate until I'm 28. Considering that I couldn't legally drink when the series started, that's quite a long time to drag out six seasons. When they're six seasons as splendid as these, they're worth the wait.


McKenzie said...

Did anyone else catch the first episode of 'Weeds'?

Comcast was nice enough to give me Showtime for free for the week, in the hopes of enticing me to get hooked on Weeds and whatever other new show they are premiering.

But I have to say, while it was a little rough, since its only the first episode, it was also hilarious at times. The exchange between MLP and Kevin Nealon in the parking lot after the soccer game was quite funny. And MLP alternates between stumbling with her part and looking completely comfortable with it.

Its definitely something I would watch if I had Showtime, but not something I would be willing to get showtime for.

Did anyone else see it?

Richard said...

We really liked Weeds, too; it may have saved Showtime from a post-QAF cancellation in our house. Pot-smoking councilmen who cheat on their wives by getting tennis rackets shoved up their asses by their Asian tennis partners, teddy bears with hidden cameras, 15-year-olds having sex under broken skylights--what's not to love? The premiere was darkly hilarious; I hope the coming episodes keep it up. It's no Six Feet Under, mind you--but it's good enough to keep watching.

Betty Rocker said...

I love Sopranos, but someone (can't remember who) said it best- it is a television glacier. Still, I can't wait until the new season gets here.