Wednesday, August 31, 2005

End of Science

FDA Official Quits Over Plan B Pill Delay
Creationism in schools favored

Maybe it's time to give up on not just New Orleans--which, if they have any sense, residents and officials will leave a lake so they can start anew on higher ground--but this entire mental cesspool of a nation. A top scientist at the FDA quit today because, once again, the agency ignored clear scientific evidence and caved to the Bush base by refusing to allow unrestricted sales of Plan B. Meanwhile, 42% of Americans identify themselves as having strict creationist views, 64% think it's OK if creationism is taught alongside evolution in schools, and 38%--almost 2 in 5--think evolution should be replaced with creationism.

It's official, then: cretinism is our national philosophy.


McKenzie said...

Why is it that religion can open people's minds to faith and belief, but simultaneously close them to anything their religion says isn't true?

Religion can be a wonderful, life-changing thing for billions of people in the world, but it will never reach its full potential because its more likely to be used as an excuse to close someone's mind as it is to open it.

McKenzie said...

I wonder if all those people who don't have a problem teaching creationism in the schools would be as open minded if someone wanted to teach the buddhist or hindu creation story as fact, instead of the christian one?