Thursday, September 01, 2005

Western White House?

Retail Gas Prices Jump, Deliveries Falter

Here's an idea for a president who has too few: Encourage businesses to help kill two birds with one stone. As gas supplies dwindle and prices soar, one way to help stave off an economic disaster is to get people off the roads. And as Bush's recent working vacation in Crawford supposedly demonstrated, it's possible to stay home and get a lot of work done. (Considering that most of us don't have protesters down at the end of the driveway, we might be more productive than Bush was.)

The answer is right in front of Bush: he should call on businesses to encourage their employees whose jobs allow it to telecommute a few days each week for the next month. Think of the millions of gallons of gas that would be saved? Think of the money households would save? And Bush could go further and encourage workers to donate the money they save by not commuting to relief efforts. Oh, and American workers and employers could discover that telecommuting can actually work, which could help keep more cars off our overcrowded roads in the long run, reducing time lost to traffic, money spent on foreign oil, and pollution generated by idling engines. It's win-win-win.


McKenzie said...

It might be a win for you and me, but not for Bush and his oil buddies. You have to remember whose interests he's looking out for. Bush's plan would be for us all to drive an extra 30 minutes around the neighborhood each night to show those terrorists that they can't beat us by hitting us with hurricanes and making gas prices climb. That would show them.

Richard said...

Bush's connections to Big Oil are exactly what would make this a brilliant political move for him. His popularity would soar because it would look like he was standing up for the people against the corporate interests that have owned him throughout his presidency. That's not something I'd like to see happen--I want his approval rating in the low-to-mid teens by November 2006--but that doesn't change the fact that this would be a good thing for the country and for a lot of workers.

Victoria said...

Oooo - in-sourcing. That I like. I'm hoping maybe I can find a law office that lets me do that some day so I can spend time with my very distant in the future kiddy at home.

I'm really bad keeping up with the myriads of books you read, but have you read "The World is Flat?"