Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Dreier a Different Kind of Republican

Nice headline, no? Check out a few choice paragraphs from the AP article that's introducing the new majority leader to most of the nation:
Dreier has a more moderate voting record on some social issues than DeLay, for example opposing a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage that DeLay supported.
And otherwise opposing every bit of gay-rights legislation he sees, but they're actually telling you this so you'll understand the last line of the article:
A native of Kansas City, Mo., Dreier is unmarried.
Got that? He's 53, he's from the Midwest but moved to California to attend an all-men's school, and he isn't married. I guarantee you that the people writing these articles know the real score and are alluding to it quietly. It'll be interesting to see if anyone mentions that he lives with his chief of staff!

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