Friday, September 30, 2005

Bashed by Bush

Doug Grow: Kelly's plaintive plea: Why can't we all just get along?

This may seem a bit faraway to many of you, but I still try to follow Twin Cities politics, and I find it hilarious that "Democrat" Randy Kelly, the mayor of St. Paul, is about to get destroyed by actual Democrat Chris Coleman in the general election after endorsing Bush for president last year. As this article points out, Kelly also didn't support the late Paul Wellstone or Walter Mondale when they ran against turncoat Norm Coleman for Senate in 2002. He won't even promise to support whatever Democrat runs against no-taxes-even-if-it-kills-us Republican governor Tim Pawlenty next time around.

And now he's peddling this crazy idea that voters are voting against him because they're angry--at Bush, not him--and suggesting that that's no reason to vote against him.

Apparently St. Paul voters have found a few other reasons to trade you in on a newer model, Randy. Maybe your buddy Bush will appoint you to some cushy job when they put you on the streets in November.

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