Friday, September 30, 2005


Keeping a Straight Face - The screwups were the best part of the live season premiere of Will & Grace. By Dana Stevens

Did anyone else see the live episode of Will & Grace last night? I realize it ran against The O.C.--thank heavens for the dual tuner in our DVR--but it was worth watching. I feel bad for W&G; it's a show I always enjoy but never carve out a place for in my television schedule. Last night reminded me why I like it: the characters are well-drawn and the acting is usually spot-on. (Debra Messing wasn't quite on her game last night, but she can be forgiven for that; her role, and getting her broad reactions just right, probably requires more takes than a lot of the other, more caricature-ish work on the show.)

As an added bonus, last night's episode included a few things we don't often see:
  • An extended kiss between Will and his boss, played by Alec Baldwin
  • Jack with only one eyebrow, which was enormously funny
  • A nod to Tom DeLay's recent legal problems, in the form of Baldwin saying he needs to get to D.C. to shred some documents "without delay," then explaining to Will exactly what he means when Will doesn't get the reference
  • Jack and Grace pausing for several seconds between lines to stop themselves from giggling
  • A reference to Stan's purported ashes, dumped from a trash bag into the ocean, actually being dirt and Rice Krispies
It was quite a night, and may have convinced me to give W&G a "record all episodes" order on the DVR. An old, loyal friend on its last legs deserves better than to be ignored for a bunch of whiny teenagers.

(I'm still watching The O.C. first, though...)

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