Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Magic Wand


Comcast's Web site would have you believe that "with DVR, your remote might start feeling like a magic wand."

And you know what? It's true! Our DVR arrived yesterday. I promptly recorded the premiere of How I Met Your Mother, along with the new episode of Weeds. And, as promised, we were able to watch the former, normally on at 7:30, starting at 8:45, then jump over to the latter, which starts at 9:00, and watch it from beginning to end, finishing our viewing a few minutes after the program normally concludes at 9:30. We could even pause so I could stir the chicken soup I was making to help me recover from a nasty head cold.

Even better? Tonight we're taping House and Rome, both of which air in high definition--at the same time--while I'm in class. (We missed the Sunday airing of Rome to watch the disappointing Emmys.) And by skipping the commercials in House and the end credits of Rome, we'll probably be able to watch both, along with the promos for next week's episodes, and still send me off to bed at 11:00.

Even cooler than that? I missed the first of Mark Brunell's two touchdown bombs to Santana Moss last night because I was upstairs brushing my teeth. No matter--we rewound to the spot where it happened, and I watched it happen in crystal clear high definition, with 5.1 surround sound, as if I hadn't missed a thing. Then we hit the "Live" button and watched Brunell and Moss hook up again to win the game.

Truly, this is a golden age in which we live.


Michele said...

Richard, you're behind the times! DVR rules! It's the best thing to happen to television. Screw HD.

Jonathan said...

HD DVR is the hottness!!! Rome is awesome!

Richard said...

Thanks for backing me up, Jon. I think Michele is just trying to avoid having to buy a new HDTV for her new house. DVR is great, yes--but what's the point if you can't see the full picture during The O.C., or read the words on the sweatshirt of a fan four rows behind home plate during a ballgame? DVR is awesome, yes--but given the choice between the two, I'd take HD. Fortunately, now you can have both--what a wonderful world!