Wednesday, September 07, 2005

This Is It

Calif. lawmakers pass gay marriage bill
Action is first by a U.S. legislative body; bill goes to Schwarzenegger's desk

It all comes down to a decision by Arnold. Both houses of California's legislature have now passed a bill to allow same-sex marriage in that state.

I'd like to believe that Schwarzenegger will sign the bill into law, but I have a feeling he'll be getting calls this morning from Republican leaders who don't like the idea of a G.O.P. governor being the first to put the stamp of approval on legalized gay marriage.

Be brave, Arnold! Instead of remembering you as an action hero, let history remember you as a real hero. Sign the bill.


Rusty said...

I thought you had a strong dislike for Arnold and his 'illegimate' promotion due to the recall of the former governor.

Oh how things change.

You gotta love politics!

Richard said...

Oh, that. I still don't think Arnold should be governor, but I don't think there's much Gray Davis can do to turn this bill into a law, whereas Maria's husband has a chance to make history. How he got that chance can't be changed; what he does with it can.