Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Ducks in a Row

I realize it's a bit strange, but I think this photo of the eight remaining members of the Supreme Court is interesting. Filing out of the cathedral after the service, the eight could have walked out two by two, or en masse, or by voting bloc. Instead, they left in order--the order in which they took their seats on the Court. I think this is a fitting tribute to Rehnquist, who, whatever his legal positions, was evidently a great boss, according to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Give him this--his people knew their places and knew them well. Well enough to fly in formation even at his funeral.


Jessica said...

To the untrained eye, it looks like dinner at the retirement home is ready, and the residents are lining up.

I'm pretty dumb in all things political, but EIC, tell me--why is all I see a sea of white skinned people, mostly bald or graying, and one token elderly black guy?

I know Supreme Court appointments are for life, but geez. I bet they all trade coupons for Geritol and denture grip.

Richard said...

It's a sea of white-skinned people, with the exception of one black man, because justices are chosen by the President and the Senate--and both offices are still held mostly by white men.

They're old because this is the kind of job you don't get until you're at least 45, often older, and every one of them has been on the job at least 11 years. The guy in the front row has been at it for three decades and is 85. Pray that he lives another three years--he's the most liberal guy on the bench!

Give the Court credit, though; it has the kind of "balanced ticket" diversity that would have made Archie Bunker proud. Scalia is Italian, Ginsburg and Breyer are Jewish, and Souter is a "regular American." (Don't know if there are any Irishmen on the Court...)