Monday, October 03, 2005


Achenblog: Bush Nominates Totally Random Person for Court

"Mr. President, I've looked everywhere, and I think you should pick me." That must have been the conversation over the weekend between Harriet Miers and George W. Bush.

No one knows anything about her--or at least nothing interesting that has made it to the mainstream media. And conservatives aren't terribly pleased; which can only be good news.

I really thought, after thinking on it over the weekend, that Bush would come out swinging; a vitriol-spewing cultural conservative would get his base riled up again in time for the 2006 elections, even if (especially if?) he or she failed to win confirmation. Instead, he's shown himself to be either afraid of a fight, aware of a conservative streak in Miers that hasn't been publicly acknowledged, or not as committed to the repugnant "values" of his base as his campaigns would lead us to believe. If it's the first, that's great--he's been weakened and he knows it. If it's the second, at least she's 60--she can't last forever. And if it's the third, well, thank goodness.

One more thing: what is it about Bush that attracts successful, older, single women? Condoleeza Rice seems to worship him, and the never-married Miers seems just as loyal. Should Laura be concerned?

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Anonymous said...

Thought this would spice things up ;)
Rice is unmarried. She was reported to have accidentally referred to President Bush as her "husband" at a Washington dinner party, before quickly correcting herself.