Friday, October 21, 2005

Even in Kansas

Kan. Court Nixes Illegal Gay Sex Ruling

No wonder social conservatives hate judges. Even in Kansas--where social issues are a surefire electoral winner--judges refuse to cave in to those who would let the law treat homosexual behavior differently than heterosexual.

While not the ideal case for proclaiming equality, this case, which involved sex between two developmentally-challenged boys, ages 14 and 18, did showcase how far the other side is willing to go. Punishing the 18-year-old with a 17-year sentence rather than a 15-month one because the "victim" of his crime was of the same sex cannot possibly be constitutional. It may be wrong to have sex with anyone that young, but it doesn't suddenly become 13 times more wrong when the two parties have the same genitalia.

Fortunately, the Kansas Supreme Court agreed unanimously, saying, "Moral disapproval of a group cannot be a legitimate state interest." Can we just accept that those words are an appropriate interpretation of every constitution, state or federal, in the nation? It would save us a lot of time.


McKenzie said...

Wow. Some bigot was up on their soapbox when they came up with that sentence. 17 years vs 15 months? Are they trying to make sure everyone knows what they think of homosexuals? And could someone really be proud to have supported a sentence like that?

The really upsetting thing is that this isn't really about being gay. Its about being male and gay. No one would have thought to give a girl this sentence for having sex with another girl. If anything, all the 'god-loving' men around the court house would have been laughing and daydreaming about it. My guess is that the older girl wouldn't have even been charged, let alone having her sentence increased just because the other party was a female as well.

America doesn't hate all gay people equally. Most of the time, if you are attractive, gay and female, even the most ardent christian man is going to have to think twice before denouncing your sex life. Chances are, he has something like it on tape at home.

Richard said...

An interesting observation. It is the man-on-man stuff that gets them, isn't it?

This comment does raise questions about what you have on tape in your home, though...what is about lesbians that gets you all so excited?

Michele said...

There is nothing on tape at home.