Monday, October 03, 2005


The New Kid - John Roberts' first day at school. By Dahlia Lithwick

Interesting take on the first day for the new Chief, but the best part is the final paragraph, in which Lithwick unloads more poetically than anyone else today:
....The fact that Roberts' umbilical cord was being cut when most of his colleagues were already practicing law is irrelevant. He is absolutely ready to lead them.

To his left sits Sandra Day O'Connor, who may vote and count, vote and not count, or not vote and not count in this case—depending on when Miers is confirmed. How she feels, knowing that her own résumé was more impressive 24 years ago than Miers' is today, is not evident from her questions. She must be wondering, as are the rest of us, whether young Jack Roberts might not have been a better pick to replace her.

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