Thursday, October 27, 2005

Reluctant Prediction

Miers withdraws Supreme Court nomination - The Changing Court

I predicted this wouldn't happen until next Wednesday, but here we are. So I'm reluctantly predicting that Wednesday will still be a big day--the day Bush appoints Maureen Mahoney to the Supreme Court. Read her brief bio and you'll see that she's basically John Roberts without the penis--appointed by Bush I to a circuit court, but never given a vote; an impressive record of litigating before the Supreme Court; law clerk to Rehnquist. No one would argue that she's unqualified. Her name has been bandied about on both sides, winning mentions on the mostly left-leaning Slate and the obviously right-wing as a strong contender with a good background.

Please note, I'm not saying I would support Mahoney, but she'd be a pick Bush could trot out and compare with Roberts without being laughed out of the room. She'd be confirmed, probably without too much trouble after Miers softened the ground for her.

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Anonymous said...

Personally I think Maureen Mahoney would be an excellent choice for Bush to make as his next Supreme Court nominee not that there arent other qualified candidates. She understands the workings of the Supreme Court having clerked for William Rehnquist and ligitated before the court and is considered one of the top constitutional litigators regardless of sex. The various similarities in background between her and John Roberts would unite the republicans behind her nomination and practically guarantee her being confirmed to the Supreme Court and she would more than likely get the votes of the democrats that supported John Roberts in his confirmation hearings. Mahoney's nominination would be considered a home run for conservatives that were disappointed by the Meirs nomination, and I believe that liberals would have a harder time objecting to her then Roberts considering she did litigate the Michigan affirmative action case before the supreme court for Michigan which she won allowing Michigan to continue with its admission policies. This is a solid nomination that I truly hope comes to pass.