Friday, October 07, 2005

Buried Lead

Poll: Groups Unhappy With Bush Performance

(Yes, I refuse to spell it "lede." It's a bit pretentious, don't you think?)

The lead of this article on the new AP-Ipsos poll is all about the internal numbers, which show the Bush base finally starting to depart him. And yes, it's interesting that he's shedding supporters on the right without gaining any on the left. But isn't it more interesting than any of that to know that his approval rating now stands at 39%?

That's right. If you got ten people in a room, six of them would tell you they don't approve of Bush's performance in office. Oh, and seven would say they think the country is headed in the wrong direction--only 28% said they think we're on the right course.

These are devastating numbers. And the brou-ha-ha over Harriet Miers being an unqualified Supreme Court candidate can't help Bush--it makes even people who pay little attention sit up and ask, "Why would he appoint his own lawyer, a non-judge, to the Supreme Court?" By setting a precedent of competence with Roberts, Bush appears to have shot himself in the foot.

All this and gas is still under $3.00 and the first home heating bills haven't arrived yet. Can you imagine what these numbers could look like by December? I'm betting Bush goes as low as 33% before rebounding when partisans start to flock back to their standard-bearer in advance of the 2006 election. Any takers?


Richard said...

I'd just like to point out that, with this post, this week has included more posts that end without a period (5 ?'s and one ...) than with one (5). And yes, this is the bizarre sort of thing that I ponder.

(And yes, I know that technically the dots in the ellipsis look like periods. But they're not, OK?)

Richard said...

Oh, and this article ( shows that in the CBS News poll, his approval rating is down to 37% For the record, my bet that he'll drop to 33% applies to any major poll, not just AP-Ipsos. And no money will be exchanged. I am not a gambling man, as anyone who has tried to persuade me to play poker knows.