Monday, October 10, 2005

Flaming Tongues

Miers and Brimstone - Let's stop pretending there's no religious test for nominees. By Christopher Hitchens

Love him or hate him--or, if you're a normal person who doesn't have an opinion of every writer for Slate, simply read him--it's hard to deny that Christopher Hitchens knows how to make a point. And he makes a doozy of a point here regarding Harriet Miers:
Either Miers takes her faith seriously, in which case it must be her life's mission to redeem those who have not accepted Jesus as their savior, or she does not, in which case she is a vapid and posturing hypocrite. And either she is nominated in order to gratify a political constituency, whose leaders such as James Dobson of Focus on the Family seem to have had advance notice, or she is not, in which case the president could see no further than his own kitchen Cabinet in searching for merit. So, the whole exercise is a disgusting insult.
If you have HBO and Comcast, it would be worth watching the episode of Real Time with Bill Maher from two weeks ago, when Hitchens was on the panel, with OnDemand just so you can read this article and hear his snarky British accent in your head.

Speaking of Comcast, did anyone else's HD reception go bonkers this weekend? We had to watch Desperate Housewives in pillar box format, which did not make us happy (though Lynette's trick with the coffee cup was pretty funny despite the poor resolution and missing pieces of the picture). A co-worker tells me Comcast is blaming the problem on solar flares. We'll see what the cable guy who's coming to the house tomorrow has to say...

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