Monday, January 08, 2007

Back on the Block

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This post heralds two returns. First, I'm composing it in a window created by clicking a "BlogThis!" button on my browser; this is something I hadn't been able to do since Blogger switched to its new version, and it was driving me crazy (and making me blog less frequently).

Second, Desperate Housewives returned from a month off last night, and it was back with a vengeance. Every couple was in some kind of mess: Tom and Lynette were dealing with his daughter, Kayla, who Lynette swore to raise when her mother (and would-be Tom-stealer) died. Susan and Ian were imperiled by Susan's continued feelings for Mike--who may end up in a prison relationship with the suddenly back-on-the-scene Paul Young. Bree and Orson haven't figured it out yet, but they're not really married, because Alma Hodge, his first wife, is back in town--and therefore not killed by his hand, though Monique may be another story--and only time will tell her true intentions. Gaby and Carlos clearly still dig each other, and Carlos's recitation of which flowers he would send her on which occasion was tear-inducing proof that whatever their problems, they're getting back together eventually. And Julie gave in and had sex with Austin after devilish Andrew told her that he would get it elsewhere if not from her, something we're taught is not true but turned out to be in this case, as Austin has also been carrying on with Andrew's sister, Danielle.

As this windy and breathless recap should make clear, there's a lot going on. But it's all engaging. The show is back to firing on all cylinders. Best moment: As Andrew explains men to Julie, he says the only ones who don't want to have sex with their girlfriends are gay guys. "And Austin isn't gay--not even after three beers," he says, before realizing himself and finishing, "Don't ask" as Julie and Danielle stare. Marc Cherry, please get this kid more lines!

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