Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Summer--not Endless?

Aggggghhhhhhh! Fox cancels 'The O.C.'!

Too bad my New Year's resolution wasn't something like "Stop watching shows that have gone downhill." That would have made this announcement a godsend.

Actually, season four of the show has been much better than two or three, successfully using the bizarre cast of characters those seasons left standing to create something that resembles the delightful dramedy of the first season. But even during this renaissance, it's been clear that the premise was unsustainable. Four rich, smart kids who are finished with high school are basically spending this year hanging out and having TV-style misadventures. They've got to go to college, and we all know that no show about high-school kids can successfully follow them to college.

The show ends Feb. 22, which should give them just enough time to air all 16 planned episodes if they make the finale a two-parter and air it all on one night. Get it while you can!


Paul Allen said...

You are ignoring the fact that Saved By The Bell transitioned so smoothly into the college years.

Michele said...

I was kind of bummed when Brian told me they cancelled the show. I didn't watch it until the 2nd season (caught the 1st in reruns), but I will miss the show. Seth Cohen is freakin' funny and his Thursday night humor will be missed in the McKenzie house.