Friday, January 26, 2007

Go for Three

Slant Magazine - TV Review: Extras

The review above is a very convincing argument that Extras should carry on for a third season--and that you should be watching the second.

I am, and it's cracking me up. From David Bowie making up a song about main character Andy to Daniel Radcliffe--AKA Harry Potter--playing a very horny version of himself, season two is everything good about season one and much more. Andy's bout of fame and struggles to deal with it are poignant and gut-busting at the same time, a winning combination.

The first three episodes of season two--and many of season one's six episodes--are available on HBO On Demand. Check it out if you have a spare half-hour. It's dry humor, but I defy you not to belly laugh at least once.

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Mike said...

I agree totally, this is one hilarious show! Orlando Bloom on the season opener was a pisser, but it was Andy after his first scene that was heart breaking.

Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchant seem to have a way of being snarky and then pulling the heart strings in the next breath.

I hope they do a third season, but I am looking forward to whatever they do next.