Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Lucky for Us

HBO: Louis C.K.: Shameless

One TV writer previewing this comedy special noted that despite the failure that was Lucky Louie, HBO continues to show faith in Louis C.K. The implication was that this faith is misplaced. The writer is wrong; thank goodness HBO knows it.

To be fair, the comedy in this special is probably not for everyone. Louis C.K. looks to his marriage and two small children for comedy, describing his four-year-old daughter as an asshole, a handjob from his wife as the saddest thing ever to happen in America, and taking an undisturbed shit as his greatest desire. But this raunch, while hilarious in its own right, carries with it an undercurrent of sweetness. Louis wishes, he says, that he could wake up one morning and not love his wife and two daughters--that would be easier. The implication, of course, is that for all the carping, he does love them.

Also hilarious is his extended discussion of how not gay he is--in the context of support for gay marriage. This discussion is then undermined twice to comedic effect, first when he admits that there's one man he's daydreamed about, and later when he talks about sitting on his friend to provide added pressure for a masturbation technique. They were, he notes, 11 years old at the time.

There's plenty of filth, then, but also heart. Well worth an hour of your time, and on tonight at 9 CST or any time on HBO On Demand.

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