Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Out of the Park

Bonds to A-Rod: 'Do your damn thing' - Barry Bonds -

I'm glad Barry Bonds has taken this approach. Not that it will humanize him in the public mind, but it's nice to see him rooting for a fellow superstar to do something that would be good for the game, even if it would remove his name from one page of the record book. (In fairness to Bonds, his name is currently at or near the top of quite a few pages of the record book--career total bases, career home runs, career walks, season OBP, season walks, season home runs, etc.--so perhaps losing this one doesn't loom as large for him.)

As for Alex Rodriguez, much as I dislike the Yankees it's hard not to be happy for him. He's on a tear, and because his team is doing poorly he's got the potential to be the big story out of New York all on his own this summer. I'm sure he'd rather be in first place, but if Yankee pitching won't support that goal, breaking the home-run record and cementing his status as the best in the game right now would probably be fun for A-Rod after a few years of being not-quite-loved in the Big Apple.

And besides, wouldn't another home-run record chase be fun?

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Mike said...

As a baseball fan (Pirates season ticket holder), I wouldn’t mind a good home run record chase. And I don’t think there would be much fear that A-Rod is juiced up to taint it.

However, ever since the ’04 playoffs where A-Rod slapped the ball out of the glove of Bronson Arroyo trying to tag him out, I’ve disliked him. I think I disliked him prior to that, but it was contract-related dislike and I tried to look past it. But that play was just unsportsmanlike, and showed me what kind of person he is – on instinct, he did something wrong, and he knew he was doing it. I know he was frustrated at the time, but it isn’t ever an excuse.