Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Idol Predictions, Round of Nine

After last week, when I confidently stepped up to the plate and hit a triple only to be called out stealing home (translation: I picked the bottom three right but sent the wrong one home), I feel less certain about what tonight will bring. The bottom three should be Sanjaya, Haley, and Phil, but I'm predicting only Haley will actually get there. Phil's comments about his wife, I'm guessing, provoked a lot of women to dial his number while wishing their own husbands were half so romantic. And Sanjaya is on track to be a bigger star than any of the others, despite his utter lack of talent. Instead, I see Gina being punished for a weak song; she should have found a way to throw a bit of her style into it to keep her fans voting. And Blake's performance, which seemed great when it opened the show, didn't stand out by the end; I see the curse of first continuing and him making a surprise stop at the center of the stage. It will be short-lived, though, and Haley will finally--finally!--go home. I hope.

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Mike said...

I agree that Haley will go home. I will admit that I was more entertained by Sanjaya this week than I was Haley or Phil this week.

But no mention on Sanjaya now believing his hype? “Welcome to the Universe of Sanjaya” he told Simon? I don’t know if I want to live in that universe.