Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Idol Predictions, Round of Eight

Well that was ghastly, wasn't it? Latin night went over as well on American Idol as it would on Lou Dobbs Tonight. Few of the singers seemed to get into their songs, and the judges mostly seemed to notice.

Anyhow, I'm going to stick to my guns and predict that Haley's stick-to-her-gams strategy will finally fail. She should be glad, too: she's pretty much out of leg to show. She'll be joined in the bottom three by Phil, whose personality continues to induce yawns even as his singing wobbles between OK and last night's not-so-good. The third member of the unholy trinity is harder to predict, but while I have "Conga" in my head this morning, LaKisha's rendition last night wasn't particularly special and she went early. But it shouldn't matter. Haley has to go home sometime, right?

Oh, one more thing: This is the first time Sanjaya will avoid the bottom three and almost have earned it.

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Mike said...

I agree. I almost fell asleep watching, and if it weren't for DVR, it might have been completely unwatchable. I will say that as much I have disliked Sanjaya in the past, at least I was looking forward to seeing him after the boring trio of Haley, Phil & Blake. That says something about him.

And how did Sanjaya make himself look more Hispanic? That was quite an accomplishment. I’ll give him props for that performance.