Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Idol Predictions, Round of Six

A surprisingly good week, wasn't it? But there were definitely different levels of good--and at least one pretty bad performance from a fellow who may finally take his whine home.

This week I predict a bottom three of LaKisha, whose "I Believe" was passable but didn't touch the original; Blake, whose "Imagine," for all of Simon's protests of sincerity, didn't seem believable, and
your loser, Chris, whose vocals will not change the world today, tomorrow, or anytime soon.

What did you think?

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Mike said...

I enjoyed the evening as well, though I will admit I missed, just a little, the comedy break that was Sanjaya. Melinda & Jordin are just blowing everyone else away at this point.

I think LaKisha just seems she doesn't connect to the songs she sings anymore. Blake was as boring as possible, and I think the judges are propping him up because when he tries to sing like a real singer, he clearly is out of his league. And Chris is, well, lame. I never got his singing charms, though he is easy one the eyes.