Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Beyond Reason


The potential vote on the FMA is in disarray at the moment; apparently the G.O.P. didn't expect Democrats to be so willing to allow an up or down vote, and now they're scrambling because many of their own faithful don't want to vote for an amendment that would prevent not only gay marriage but also all the other legal arrangements that have been and may be available to gay couples. As Andrew Sullivan suggests here, the FMA could backfire on the Republicans in a way that didn't seem very likely when they brought it up.

That doesn't change the fact that they did it. Please, click on the link at the top of this post, or click right here. Sullivan examines President Bush's radio address this weekend and, quite calmly, shows what the FMA says about Bush. I know gay people aren't, shall we say, popular among everyone in America. But I have to believe that the level of incivility and indecency with which we've been treated by this president is beyond what any but the most fervent Bible Belters believe we deserve.

A man who can treat me this way for political advantage can turn around and do the same to you. Send him packing before he gets a chance.

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