Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Obama Draws Roars of Approval at DNC

Apparently you can't go wrong picking a black state senator to deliver the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention. First Barbara Jordan and now Barack Obama have delivered electrifying speeches. For all the press he's received at home and nationwide, tonight was Obama's introduction on the big stage, and the man seized the opportunity like he's seized every other chance life has given him. Between Bill Clinton last night and Barack Obama tonight, the Democrats have laid out a very strong vision of their party. I hope the next two nights see John Edwards and John Kerry lay out the specific plans they have to make that vision a reality; if they do--and I believe they will--this convention will be a phenomenal success. Assuming anyone else is watching, that is.

In the morning I leave for New York City. I'll be gone until Saturday night, so don't expect my thoughts on the rest of the convention until next week--but rest assured that whether I'm at home or at the Hilton, I wouldn't miss these speeches for the world.

While I'm gone, perhaps you can do something for me with all the time you'll save at work not reading my new posts each day. As you'll recall from a previous post, I'm trying to improve my Amazon reviewer ranking. I've met with some success: my ranking improved from 344,623 on June 22 to 28,366 ten days ago--before plummeting inexplicably back into the 100,000s and cresting again, today, at 55,644. You can help turn the tide forward again, and perhaps move some of my reviews into featured slots, by taking a few minutes to give me some helpful votes. To do so, click here, pick a review you like, click on it, find my review on the product's page, and click "yes." Rest assured that I'm not the only reviewer asking for help, and know that your efforts are appreciated.

Bonus question for the comments: Can anyone guess what we'll be celebrating on this site next week?


McKenzie said...

I just went and voted for about 20 of your reviews. I'll go back this afternoon and vote some more, it just gets boring after a few minutes. And I'm sure they are great reviews, as always, but I'm not really reading them, just voting. But this way, more people will read your reviews in the future.

Paul Allen said...

I think you've lost it, Richard. I refuse to go and give you helpful votes. I respect your goal (tenuously), but why cheat to get there? Now if I come across one of your reviews in the course of shopping, maybe I'll take some time.

Oh, and I think you're referring to the one-year anniversary of Highway 290 Revisited.

McKenzie said...

Despite Paul's wishes to the contrary, I believe I have voted for each and every one of your reviews, though i'm sure it won't move your rating all that much. There is one or two that I might not have done, simply because i wasn't creative enough to locate your review in a timely fashion when there are 500-1000 to sift through in a variety of orders and sortings.

Here's hoping Paul is going through and voted against all of your reviews, just to prove his point.

McKenzie said...

How come your rating didn't change much if any? I would have thought 40+ positive ratings would do something for the score.

Richard said...

You and me both. I feel like John Kerry: "Where's my bounce?" I guess we'll see if anything ever happens...but your efforts, even if they seem right now to have been in vain, are appreciated.

Richard said...

Amazon update: As of 8/10, my rank has improved to #27,909, barely exceeding my previous high-water mark of 28,366. Hopefully this is the start of an upward trend.