Monday, April 24, 2006

At Last

Political Affairs: Josh & Donna Scenes: Transition (Episode 719)

The end of a show is always one part sweet, two parts bitter. It's exciting to see storylines wrap up that have been floating around for years, but sad to know that characters you've come to know and love will be leaving your weekly rotation forever.

The West Wing may have reversed the formula last night, though. If the show had to end for me to get the scene where Donna sits down next to Josh on the plane, so be it. Here's the dialogue:

JOSH: (whispers) Hey.
DONNA: (in a husky voice) May I just say, a truly excellent notion?
JOSH: Sam's.
DONNA: (laughs softly) Of course.
JOSH: The vacation. The going with you part was all me. (smiles)
(she leans over and kisses him as the camera fades out)

As Melfi might say to Tony, Josh has needed, for years, to own his feelings for Donna. Last night, he finally did.

How cute will it be when they're the chiefs of staff for the President and First Lady?

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Michele said...

SO cute! Too bad we won't really get to see that though, huh?