Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Raw and Wriggling

No sushi for me, thanks. It's a matter of principle. By Eric Zorn

Well, I have to agree with Eric Zorn. My reaction to this morning's front page story in the Chicago Tribune, which noted that most of the sushi sold in the United States is supplied by a company that is affiliated with Reverend Moon's Unification Church, one of the scarier phenomena in America, was one of elation. Zorn nails why this is such great news:
Now I don't have to feel like the bland, unadventurous eater I am when I decline sushi--which I've never liked. I can feel like a socially-conscious diner--one who brings his sensibilities to the table along with his appetite.
I've come up with many reasons to avoid sushi, but I was getting close to caving in. But now? Sushi, like Wal-Mart, doesn't fit with my deeply-held beliefs. Which allows me to avoid raw fish and a flea-market shopping atmosphere not because I'm unadventurous or snobbish, but because I have standards. Even if, according to Moon, I am a dung-eating dog. I may, in his mind, eat shit--but I won't be eating his sushi any time soon!

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