Friday, April 21, 2006


Bush Counsel May Be Next in Shake-Up

With the Bush Administration mired in a hell of its own making, they keep searching for scapegoats who had little to do with how things have turned out. Now new Chief of Staff Josh Bolten is hinting that Harriet Miers--remember her?--should pack up her desk.

This strikes me as the height of cruelty. Wasn't it bad enough to trot Miers out as a Supreme Court nominee and let her twist in the wind? Let the poor woman sit in her White House office until the term ends and she can become Bush's second third wife on the ranch, a la Big Love. (Condi Rice, it occurs to me, would probably bitch-slap Harriet to get the second spot despite Harriet having a longer history with W. Look out, Laura!)

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Victoria said...

That might actually be a reality show I'd watch. LOL