Friday, March 09, 2007


TestPattern : 'American Idol' tough to predict (SPOILERS)

So, Sanjaya is through to the top 12 on American Idol. And Sabrina went home, while the charming but talentless Haley Scarnato is moving to the big stage. For a week or two, at least.

Sabrina's departure is sad but understandable--there were five big belters, and the other four each did more to make their personalities stand out. Gina took the rocker mantle this week, Haley played the cutesy country card, and Sabrina was left out in the cold. (Antonella was so clearly out of her league she doesn't merit another word.)

Sanjaya's inclusion over Sundance, though--that's confusing. Beyond his teenager fan base--apparently at that age your ears aren't fully formed?--I think Sanjaya may have successfully played one of the flaws in Idol's voting system. When he showed off his hula skills on Tuesday, many around the country probably grimaced and didn't hear him mention that he lived in Hawaii for four years. But I immediately shouted, "That scheming little bastard! He's trying to get Hawaiians to vote for him!"

As we learned when Jasmine Trias made the top three, it takes a long time to eliminate contestants who have Hawaii behind them, because the state gets to vote alone, dialing into enough open lines that the busy signals that plague mainland voters are an island myth. If Sanjaya can claim the Hawaiian mantle, keep bringing the teenage vote, and bring in Indian votes as well, I can imagine him sticking around for weeks and weeks. Stephanie, Jordin, at least one Chris (probably Richardson), Haley, Brandon, Phil--I have no trouble at all imagining a scenario in which all six of them have gone home and Sanjaya is sharing the stage with Melinda, LaKisha, Blake, Chris, and Gina--and looking so ridiculous in comparison that the producers finally rig the vote and boot him. In short, say aloha to Sanjaya, top 12 member. It may be a while before we get to say aloha again.


Anonymous said...

I was waiting for an AI entry. Intersting theory on never occured to me before, but you are right on the money. As for Sanjaya, do you remember last week when he said he was "stunned" not to be eliminated? It's just not fair. Not to mention that Sundance is my brother's clone. My four-year old asked if Uncle Josh was still on American Idol.


Michele said...

Sanjaya is a tool. He so shoud have gone home last week, let alone be sent home this week. I never thought about the whole Hawaii thing, but if that is what made him stay, well, you have a good point. It will definitely be interesting.