Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Idol Predictions, Round of Ten

An entertaining night, wasn't it? But not the best, vocally, which makes this tough. Despite her unexpected tenacity, I see Haley finally going home this week (but then, I said that last week, too). If not Haley, then who? Chris Richardson would be a good choice after being in the bottom two last week, but going last will save him from his own miserable vocals. Instead, the other Chris and Phil will join Haley in this week's bottom three. Or so I'm guessing. Sanjaya, you ask? After that hairdo, we may be seeing him in May!


Mike said...

I just think we need to work hard and get rid of Sanjaya! I don’t know exactly what we can do about it, but he is ruining the show. I cringe when he is introduced and don’t stop cringing until they cut to commercial after the confused look on his face following the judges comments shows that he thinks he is going just great!

I have not accepted that he is going to be around for a few weeks because of the people who have exploited the easily exploitable voting system of AI.

Free Sanjaya from himself, and let us end this long national embarrassment (and for the first time in 6 years I'm not referring to GW)!!

Richard said...

I hate to be contrary, and I hate to say this, but I think Sanjaya sticking around is actually good for the show this season. Besides Melinda, there aren't any compelling AND extremely talented singers in the competition (LaKisha is a bit boring, Jordin a bit puffed-up, Blake a little off-key). The weekly torture of hearing Sanjaya and subsequent anger that he remains on the show keeps things interesting.

Try to accept his inevitable continuing presence on the show, Mike. This isn't worth your angst.

Michele said...

I thought Phil actually sang really well last night. The Police song really seemed to fit him. I agree with you that Chris Sligh and Haley did not do very well.

And Sanjaya? Bleh. He's an idiot, but you're right--he'll stick around for a while just for entertainment purposes (most often bad entertainment!).

But what I really want to talk about is how pointless Gwen Stefani was last night. She offered absolutely no good advice, no constructive criticism, zip, zilch, nada! She was just there to look pretty and promote albums, which is fine, but seriously? She came off looking like a complete idiot.

Richard said...

Perhaps I should put the disclaimer up each week: I am NOT saying, when I pick a bottom three, that I think they are the three worst singers on the show, the people who gave the three worst performances, or anything of that sort. ALL I am saying is who I think Americans will vote for in the smallest numbers. I agree with Michele that Phil's singing last night was good--his voice on the chorus of "Every Breath You Take" really grabbed me--but he remains odd-looking and nearly charisma-free, and that combined with a previous bottom three visit makes me think that, good singing or not, he's always vulnerable. Chris is in there purely based on his performance. Haley has everything going against her--the voice, the "who cares?" attitude she showed a few weeks ago with her punch-the-clock comment, and Simon's obvious belief that she should already be home. That's why I predict she'll go home a few hours from now.

Mike said...

I understand the pros and cons of Sanjaya staying for entertainment value. I think, though, that it hurts the competition. And, much like Survivor, I fear the longer someone bad stays on the show, the greater chance that they will win the whole thing (Survivor Thailand winner, misogynist/porn actor and recently arrested puppy shooter, Brian being a prime example. Though Sanjaya is just a talent-starved child, so maybe bad analogy.)

What would happen to the show if at the finale, Sanjaya, through the power of and Howard Stern, beats Mindy Doo but a few thousand votes? What happens to AI then? I don’t think I’d be able to enjoy it the same way. But I will try to lose some of the angst. Maybe next week Sanjaya could dye his hair all colors of the rainbow, therefore adding the gays to his mix of Indians, Washingtonians, Hawaiians, pre-pubescent screaming girls & Howard Stern Dittoheads voting for him.

p.s. I enjoy LaKisha a lot. Big voice and big personality are beautiful. But she is no Melinda.

Michele said...

Relax Richard!

No need to offer a disclaimer.

When I comment, I'm not questioning your thoughts about the bottom three, I'm simply adding my two cents about the show. You don't have to defend your thoughts. And there's certainly no need to YELL in caps.