Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Idol Predictions, Round of 12

I'm going to predict a bottom three and the person who will go home from now until the end of the contest. My predictions are based on own viewing of the show, opinions heard from others at work, DialIdol stats, and MSNBC polls about the contestants. They are NOT about who sang the best or the worst, but about who I think America will reward with the fewest votes.

Tonight, I expect to see Brandon Rogers, Gina Glocksen, and Haley Scarnato in the bottom three. Brandon will go home. Finally!

As for Sanjaya, I still predict he will last a while (in spite of bizarre hair, hoop earrings, and vocals unfit for the shower). How long? Let's go with longer than Alberto Gonzales will have a job...


MMM said...

Boo! Sanjaya stinks! Boo, Hiss!


Really? Gina in the bottom three? I can see the other two, possibly. Haley actually had good reviews this week and if America is really starting to listen to the judges (like they claimed during last year's competition), then perhaps she will get more votes than we think.

I think you're right though--somehow, Sanjaya will stick around . . . bleh.

Mike said...

I missed some of the early competition with traveling (and damn nephew disconnecting my DVR while I was gone to hook up his playstation to my big screen!) so last week was my first Sanjaya viewing, and I didn't understand why everyone was down on him. Not best song, but not terrible.

And then this week! It was awful, beyond awful. Almost completely un-listenable and unwatchable (what was his weird, twisting-Edie Brickell wannabe dancing?).

How many prepubescent girls are out there voting for him? I am at a complete loss, but then again, there is always one contestant who gets into the top 8 that I am lost on how they got there at all. And I think it is worse because Sanjaya seems to have a nice voice, but the personality of dead skin.

Richard said...

Well, obviously I blew it on the bottom three this week. But I should note that while DialIdol had Brandon ranked fifth, I still pulled the trigger on calling him as the one to be eliminated.

As for Sanjaya, I have mixed feelings about his appearance in the bottom group last night. First, it means DialIdol isn't working this year--they had him safe from such an indignity and he wasn't. Second, though, I fear that this quick trip to the bottom could be just the thing to rally his faithful, whoever they are, behind him. But as Mike says above, there are always inexplicable contestants left toward the end of the show. Think of Scott Savol, Jasmine Trias, John Stevens--how did any of them last so long?

And MMM, I am glad Gina wasn't in the bottom three, and even happier that it was all guys. A quick purge of the worst of the men might convince the producers to change these silly gender parity rules they have.

We'll see what Bon Jovi week brings!

MMM said...

Whoa . . . we're half way there, whoa! Livin' on a prayer!

I absolutely CANNOT WAIT! :)

Michele said...

Hmm. Interesting. I didn't realize that I had two blogger identities. If I sign in with just the first part of my gmail account and not the (, it lists my name as "mmm"


Michele said...

Ok, you lead me to believe Bon Jovi week was THIS week.

Our DVR cut off before they could tell us, so I was going off your comment to me. But it's NOT Bon Jovi week. I'm so disappointed now.