Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Idol Predictions, Round of 11

Here we go again. While the pundit at MSNBC would have you believe that the departure of another boy tonight is inevitable, DialIdol--which showed a chink in its armor last week when Sanjaya was predicted to finish second and ended up in the bottom two--has a lot more girls than boys on its endangered list.

While I missed both bottom three members who got to stick around last week, I am standing pat and predicting, again, that Haley Scarnato and Gina Glocksen will be in the bottom three. They will be joined, sadly, by Stephanie Edwards, who chose a slow Dusty Springfield song ("You Don't Have to Say You Love Me") when a fast one ("Son of a Preacher Man") would have been perfect for her.

Common sense and the curse of going first will prevail, however, and Haley will finally go home.

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Mike said...

OK, how is Sanjaya still on the show? I have (in comments section of this blog) kind of defended Sanjaya, but Tuesday was a joke for him. He screeched a song horrifically and isn't even in the bottom 2? He now thinks he belongs or that he can do no wrong to get voted into the next week. And the judges are being nice to him in the hopes that America doesn’t use the reverse psychology vote (If Simon is mean, I must vote to make the poor guy feel better about himself, see “Verraros, Jim,” or “Covais, Kevin,” or a list of others who got farther than they should have.) That is angering me!

Howard Stern is ruining this for me. I fear that Sanjaya will go far with this "vote for the worst" campaign.

And Melinda needs to shine! Go Mindy Do! (I am trying to be optimistic about this.)