Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Check Out Karl Rove's List Of Targeted 2008 House Races | TPMCafe

What a difference four years can make. In 2004, my district bucked the political tide, turning out a decades-long incumbent Republican in favor of Melissa Bean, a "centrist" Democrat. She held onto her seat in 2006, fending off a loony, somewhat self-financed right-winger in a race that started out as "one to watch" and ended up, if not a blowout, at least not a race anyone was tracking on election night.

Today we find Karl Rove's list of seats to defend and seats to try to win in 2008, and guess what? Four years after losing what was considered a solidly Republican seat, the GOP seems to be abandoning it in favor of trying to protect Peter Roskam's new throne in the 6th, where he had quite a battle before beating Tammy Duckworth.

This sure says something about the state of the Republican Party!

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Mike said...

The only Democrat that I know about on that list is Jason Altmire from Southwestern PA. And I think Rove is just angry that Mr. Altmire defeated Melissa Hart.

Since the election, Ms. Hart has railed about the “negative” campaign that Mr. Altmire ran. And do you know what the “negative” campaign was? The television commercials were pictures, actual, unaltered pictures, of Melissa Hart in her various visits with George W. Bush, and it showed her voting record with Mr. Bush and the rest of the Republican controlled Congress. That was it.

Even after the election, Ms. Hart has cried regularly in the area media when possible about the campaign, saying that she didn’t run a dirty campaign but Mr. Altmire did. As far as anyone in this area remembers, it was all about her close association with the President, and why is that negative?