Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Boston Public

Ryan Vows to Stay in Illinois Senate Race

Very public, apparently. Now I understand why Jack Ryan wanted to keep his divorce records sealed. I don't care about his sexual quirks--I wouldn't vote for the guy anyway. But he's a Republican, and those folks seem to have a code among themselves: We keep our perversions to ourselves. Jack was just trying to honor the code, judge! Why'd you have to unseal his public divorce records to the public so we could find out he's a public pervert?

Please, Jack, stay in the race; Obama was going to bury you anyhow. Now that you're a liar--you said there was nothing of interest in your divorce papers--and would be considered depraved by most members of your own party, you're pretty well sunk.

Prediction: We're going to see this get ugly quickly. Jack Ryan won't do it--even he's not fool enough to attack his ex-wife's character after she released a statement of support for him--but henchmen will say that she was in love with someone else when they split up and call her the liar. Just stay quiet, Barack. Unless the GOP uses this as an excuse to get Jim Edgar on the ballot, you're home free.

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