Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Good Man, Bad Book

The Condensed Bill Clinton - Slate reads My Life so you don't have to

I thought I'd rush out yesterday to buy the new Bill Clinton book; I don't think my positive feelings about him are a secret to anyone who reads this site. But the almost savagely negative reviews and the awful writing in the excerpts I've seen have convinced me to hold off for now. After all, 957 pages is a rather big commitment. (It didn't help Bill's cause that Hillary's book still sits, unfinished, on my bookshelf.) Fortunately, the link above digs out some of the most interesting information from the book. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

(This is Michele) Actually, I happened to see Oprah's interview with him yesterday and it actually made me want to read the book more. Originally, I thought, "Yeah, it would be interesting to read it, but I don't have to do it anytime soon." But Oprah's interview brought up all the things that you knew were going to come up (the Monica issue, almost getting a divorce with Hillary, etc.) and she did put the pressure on him (i.e. "You didn't think you'd get caught??") He seemed slightly uncomfortable sitting there and having to answer, but he handled all the tough questions very well and he actually spoke about Monica as a person for the first time--wishing her well and hoping that she gets more out of her life than what her 15 min. of fame did for her. Seeing the interview actually made me think that maybe I should read the book sooner rather than later.

Richard said...

The trouble with that is that the interesting stuff Clinton is saying on TV about Monica as a person and such apparently isn't in the book. People on TV are asking him to answer the questions that the book doesn't answer.

What IS in the book, evidently, is a day-by-day description of what he did as president. Which is interesting on some levels, but I doubt I want to read 900 pages of that. The Journals of Lewis and Clark are interesting because they're a day-by-day account; if we could read Clinton's diary, that would be something. Still, I'm sure I'll check out the book eventually; I'm just not sure I want to buy it anymore.