Monday, June 28, 2004

Faces of W

Blogbot 5000: A quick comparison...

As the GOP launches an assault on Kerry that includes two separate invocations of Adolf Hitler, the analysis above makes a good point: Bush, the incumbent, is running his campaign against Kerry rather than for himself. From a challenger, that's to be expected--you wouldn't be running if you thought things were going great. But shouldn't Bush be focusing a bit more on his own accomplishments?

Oh, that's right. He doesn't have any.

Hey, George, how does it feel to get smacked by the Supreme Court? Presidenting is hard, isn't it? Maybe it's time to hand over the headache to someone who can handle it. Look on the bright side! At this time next year you can be out clearing brush on the ranch, and John will have to deal with these terrorists. At least you'll know he couldn't possibly screw things up more than you have.

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