Wednesday, January 18, 2006



OK, not really. But at least we get some idea of who the writers thought the killer would turn out to be: Samantha and Will's daughter, whose conception is part of the plot of the very first episode, the finding of whom occupied the second, and the caretaking and eventual kidnapping of whom occupied several more. It makes sense that this girl would bear a grudge against her mother, who gave her up for adoption, then tried to find her, then sent her friend to babysit for her so she could see her, then helped kidnap her away from her adopted father after he and the babysitter had a falling out.

I still have many questions about the show: Did Samantha ever actually tell Will (or Craig) the truth? What happened to Detective Marjorino? The last scene ever shown had him being hit by a car--who was driving?

But we'll never know; even the four episodes that were already filmed don't appear likely to see the light of day. Fox claims it plans to continue to try shows that are ambitious in their serialized storytelling, as Reunion was. I, for one, don't plan to give the network another chance to pull the plug on me.

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